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Enter the website of your ideal customer and let our AI customer finder effortlessly
deliver a lead list of every other matching company in the market.

These companies trust Datapoint for hyper-accurate prospecting data

Discover the power of Datapoint

A world-class AI Customer Finder.

Discover potential clients that other data providers fail to reach by pinpointing the precise companies that match your needs, beyond the constraints of conventional industry tags and filters.

Trained with the knowledge of a seasoned BDR

Our AI Customer Finder has been trained to read website texts to understand your ideal customer and to crawl the internet to locate the rest of your ideal customers. We gave it the knowledge base of a seasoned BDR so that it understands nuances, such as distinguishing the difference between services vs tech, when identifying your ideal customers.

No longer rely on inaccurate industry/keyword filters.

Every marketing leader will tell you that most lead lists you buy will have bad data. Industry/keyword filters are 40% accurate at best which result in lead lists that include numerous accounts that have nothing to do with your ideal customer. 

Data enrichment & verification.

Eliminate the need to manage and pay for multiple tools to locate your ideal customers, obtain their emails, and verify their validity. Our comprehensive solution ensures you'll never have to worry about bounced emails again.

Auto Enrichment & Verification

Enough needing to get a

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Results from Using Our AI Customer Finder

"We've tried numerous data vendors and Datapoint comes highly recommended. Other vendors and LinkedIn Sales Navigator's filters used to cost us time and resources, often providing incorrect results. However, using Datapoint's lookalike feature, we've efficiently built laser-targeted account lists for our clients and ourselves, saving substantial time by not having to vet each account for suitability."

Nick Abraham

Founder, Leadbird

"The team at Datapoint is not only legit but also incredibly easy to collaborate with. Running a B2B lead generation agency, we’ve booked 26 meetings in a month using their data. Before Datapoint, my team spent most of our time manually creating and cleaning lead lists to fit our clients’ Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Now, Datapoint's lookalike search model streamlines our entire list-building process, adeptly finds companies even in super unique target markets, and crucially filters out dissimilar companies, saving us immense time."

Faizan Saeed

CEO, OutboundGen

"Using Datapoint's AI customer finder feature for a few months has drastically improved our lead list quality for us and our clients, becoming a game-changer for enhancing our ad spend and assisting with SEO keyword research. It uniquely enables us to identify thousands of dream client lookalikes in minutes at a fraction of the cost compared to other databases."

Dillon Andrews

CEO, Nicheleads

I have tried Apollo, Storeleads, every database you can think of for my email marketing agency and the leads from Datapoint have so far been the best. Their lookalike search is legit. I just had to plug in a couple of qualified brands and it gave me a full lead list that actually matched my ICP.

Max Alexander

Founder, SkyroDigital.

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3,000 Verified Contacts
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I have a very unique ideal customer. Can it really understand the nuances of what makes my ideal customer based on a single URL?

Our AI has been trained using advanced algorithms ensuring it understands nuances for all niches. To see it works with your ideal customer we highly encourage you to book a demo. On the demo, you can bring website URLs of your ideal customer and we will show you the account list generated, so you can see if it works or not.

I’ve already bought lists and used other services. How do I know your service won't give me the same companies?

We have a deduplication system in place. When you submit your request, you can include a list of companies you already have to exclude them from your request.

What locations can I get leads from?

The United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Do you use any filters when building our lead lists?

The only filter we ask for is desired head count. Other than that, our AI Customer Finder solely on the contents of the website you provide it.

How often is the data updated in Datapoint? 

We regularly update our company level data to maintain accuracy and relevance. The external data vendors we use for contact data we have personally vetted to ensure they regularly update their contact data as well.

Can I easily integrate the data you provide into my current CRM or sales tools?

Unfortunately, we do not integrate with CRMs or sales tools as we are not a platform. We provide your lead lists through a CSV.

How many companies can your tool identify for any given input?

That will vary on your ideal customer and the head count size you are targeting as every industry is different. We can give you an estimate on your demo call when run our AI Customer Finder on your ideal customer.

How quickly does the tool deliver results once a URL is submitted?

Within 48 hours at the latest.

What kind of support do you offer? If I have issues or need assistance, how quickly can I get help?

All customers are placed in a private Slack channel with us in case you have any questions. We get back to all questions within 24 hours at the latest.

How many individuals are allowed in our private Slack channel?

We allow up to 5 individuals in the private Slack channel per subscription.

Will my team require training to use the service or understand the data?

Generally, no training is required, but if you or your team have any questions  or need any help we are there to help you guys within Slack and will answer any questions within 24 hours.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes - we do not bind you to any long-term contract. Our plans are all month-to-month.

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