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A world-class lookalike search model.

Discover potential clients that other data providers fail to reach by pinpointing the precise companies that match your needs, beyond the constraints of conventional industry tags and filters.

Built in list-cleaning to personalize at scale.

Unlike other providers who export data as is, our intelligent list-cleaning model automatically identifies and refines awkwardly phrased text, thereby enhancing your ability to scale personalization effectively. (ex. 'Acme' vs 'Acme Corp, Inc.')

Unparalleled filtering.
Find your desired contacts

Our platform offers robust filtering options, such as location, employee count, roles, and more, enabling you to precisely target the companies required for your outbound campaigns.

Data enrichment & verification.

Eliminate the need to manage and pay for multiple tools to locate your ideal customers, obtain their emails, and verify their validity. Our comprehensive solution ensures you'll never have to worry about bounced emails again.

Auto Enrichment & Verification

Enough needing to get a

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Read real reviews from our satisfied customers

Been using Datapoint for a few months now and it has been a huge lift for the quality of lead lists that we generate for us and our clients using Datapoint’s lookalike feature. It’s been a gamechanger for the quality of our lookalike audience for our adspend and has helped a ton with keyword research for SEO. But of course, the real beauty of this is being able to say “Hey this is my dream client” and we can spit out thousands of lookalikes in minutes that we couldn’t otherwise at a fraction of the cost compared to some of the databases out there like Ocean.

Dillon Andrew

I’m not the most technical guy and working with Datapoint has been so easy with lookalike learning. All I had to do was email them the domains of my clients’ websites and they were able to get me a list of prospects exactly like them. Makes it so easy to do cold email outreach with their lists because they now only receive hyper relevant messaging and case studies since the lead lists from Datapoint are so targeted to our ICP.

Alex Tenorio
Founder of

All I got to say is the guys at Datapoint are legit and so easy to work with. I run a B2B lead generation agency where we send cold emails on behalf of our clients to book them meetings and we been able to book 26 meetings in the past month using their data. Before Datapoint existed we were building lead lists very manually (playing around with the industry filters and keywords) and me and my team was spending most of our time cleaning up lead lists to make sure it fit our clients’ ICP. With Datapoint their lookalike search model is all you need to streamline your entire list building process that actually fits your ICP. Even if your target market is super unique and in particular their lookalike model is so good it’ll be able to find companies just like it and most importantly filter out all the companies that aren’t similar to it which saved me so much time.

Faizan Saeed

We have tried every data vendor out there and I couldn’t recommend Datapoint enough. We used to spend so much using the filters on these other data vendors and even when using the filters on Linkedln Sales Nav - they are never correct. Using Datapoint we’ve been able to build laser targeted lists of accounts for our clients and ourselves using their lookalike feature and we have saved so much time not having to go through each account making sure it’s actually a fit for our clients.

Nick Abraham

I have tried Apollo, Storeleads, every database you can think of for my email marketing agency and the leads from Datapoint have so far been the best. Their lookalike search is legit. I just had to plug in a couple of qualified brands and it gave me a full lead list that actually matched my ICP.

Max Alexander
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